National Search Center: Our Services

We offer many different services within the team, from just a phone call to a fully planned and coordinated search.

Case Management: We often start our cases with a phone call to the family. During this conversation, the case manager will obtain information on the missing individual as well as offer some ideas on where to search in the immediate timeframe. The case manager will also obtain the family’s consent to complete a flyer so that it may be distributed through social media which we have found to be quite helpful.

Search Manager: Our search manager will provide on-site assistance in organizing a volunteer search effort while providing liaison with law enforcement, the community and the family.

Search Planning: Our team offers a special collaborative planning system bringing several nationally trained search planners to combine their expertise on your loved one’s case. Our planning system ensures accountability of searchers, necessary documentation for law enforcement and the ability to quickly create numerous search assignments while establishing a historical view of all the areas searched.

K9 Teams: KlaasKIDS Search Center has several different types of K9s that can be used during a search. The following are descriptions of these K9s:

  • Tracking K9: The tracking dog keeps his nose in the actual footprints of the victim and follows them step by step. They pursue a specific scent identified by a scent article. The tracking dog is limited by time and weather conditions. The tracking dog works on lead.
  • Trailing K9: The trailing dog works a few feet from the actual track according to where the air has blown the skin rafts. They need a scent article and have the same limits regarding scent and weather as the tracking dog does. The trailing dog may work either off-leash or on-leash.
  • Airscenting K9: The airscenting dog is trained to locate any human scent in the area. He does not require a scent article. They work with their head up, or tracks/trails with their head down. They use their nose to work the scent wherever it is without restriction. There are no time limits or weather restrictions as they work the scent cone of the missing person. They usually work off-lead in a grid pattern.
  • Scent-Discriminatory Airscenting K9: The scent discriminatory airscent dog looks for a specific scent, but works in the same manner as the non scent-specific airscenting dog.
  • Human Remains Detection K9: Human Remains Detection K9s are trained to detect the presence of the odor of decomposing human remains. These teams are trained on land, water, urban and disaster situations.
  • Therapy K9: Animals can provide a nonjudgmental presence. We introduce a K9 to help to encourage the family to communicate as most people often relax in the presence of a friendly animal.