The "Blitz the Trafficker" coalition is made up of several passionate and action-oriented non-profit organizations. A snap-shot of our work is detailed below.

During the 2014 Super Bowl hosted in New Jersey, the Blitz the Trafficker coalition, assisted with the following:

On February 4, 2014, an FBI press release publicized the recovery of 16 children during a Super Bowl sex trafficking sting. Many of the children traveled to New Jersey from other states specifically to be prostituted at the Super Bowl. The children ranged in age from 13 to 17-years old, including high school students and children who had been reported missing by their families. Additionally, more than 45 pimps and their associates were arrested during the week of the Super Bowl. Arrests were made and victims recovered in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The KlaasKids Search Center for Missing and Trafficked Children began work with the New Jersey State Police in May 2013 by providing intelligence analysis for several of their sting operations leading up to the big game. During the week of the Super Bowl, we were embedded with Federal and State intelligence analysts providing information to the operational elements of the law enforcement operation.

Our role was two-fold:

  • to provide specific leads regarding online advertisements which had a number of indicators suggesting the commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • and to provide additional analysis to any lead the FBI/NCMEC or other agencies provided to the intelligence unit

Our ability to conduct deep-web searches and scrub the initial ad looking for corroborative information enabled us to provide enhanced intelligence to the operation, as well as, to the interviewers.

The Pensacola based Called2Rescue team provided monitoring services of online escort ads and forwarded over 200-leads to the KlaasKids team in New Jersey. KlaasKids then scrubbed those leads for additional corroboration and submitted 23-specific leads to law enforcement. Several of these leads were in neighboring areas/states and were forwarded to those respective units by the FBI analysts. Free International and StudentReach developed a school assembly program featuring a state-of-the-art 3D multi-media production to prevent child exploitation and features posters of several of the missing children to 30-schools and 6-colleges in New Jersey. Global Child Rescue and Stop Sex Exploitation mobilized local faith based partners to disseminate the awareness posters and missing child books throughout New York and New Jersey.

5000-booklets containing images of 43-regional missing children along with 75,000-football cards featuring 3-missing children were distributed in New Jersey and Times Square, NY. 40,000-human trafficking awareness posters, designed by the Attorney General’s office featuring the New Jersey Human Trafficking Hotline were disseminated.